The musculoskeletal system is responsible for every movement an individual makes; from lifting a finger to running a full sprint, jumping and landing back successfully on ones feet. The ability to perform these movements effortlessly and gracefully has a huge influence over our quality of life.

Initially born as a field of medicine dealing with correction of deformities in children, orthopedics over the years has grown into a multidisciplinary science designed to tackle a wide range of ailments ranging from sports injuries to degenerative as well as congenital disorders. Our department inculcates in its practice every possible step to allow easy and active mobilization of patients.

Equipped with the state of the art modern theatres, meticulous research to regularly update all aspects of our management strategies, coupled with the dynamic leadership of our faculty leaves no stone unturned in delivering personalized care to our patients.

We have an efficient physiotherapy department working in close concordance with our department to optimize our health care services, and also a range of specialized clinic to cater to our patient needs better, which includes a knee clinic, sports medicine clinic and CTEV clinic.

Excellence in patient care, research and education is the overall goal of our department of Orthopedics. Since its inception, the department has provided general orthopedics and trauma services. The department is recognized in the region for the quality of its services. It has established itself as a referral centre for all kinds of traumatic and non-traumatic problems. In addition to general orthopedics, the department has a faculty which specializes in the field of joint replacement, sports medicine, pediatric orthopedics, spine surgery and treatment of complex trauma, arthroscopic surgery, all being practiced with excellent results. Department also has attached, well equipped physiotherapy and occupational therapy units staffed by highly trained and qualified personnel.

Sl.NoNameDesignationQualificationDate of Joining
1Dr. Jose T MProfessorMBBS, MS01 May 2009
2Dr. Ramesh MProfessorMBBS, MS01 April 2002
3Dr. Girish Kumar KProfessorMBBS, MS01 January 2005
4Dr. Prakash Nayar SAssociate ProfessorMBBS, MS03 October 2005
5Dr. Sanoj P PouloseAssociate ProfessorMBBS, DNB, D ORTHO01 July 2010
6Dr. Kurian AlappattAssociate ProfessorMBBS, MS10 November 2015
7Dr. Manesh Chacko PhilipAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MS02 February 2007
8Dr. Mohamed Shelin P IAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MS01 February 2016
9Dr. Ranju RajAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MD, DNB03 June 2019
10Dr. Ajith Vincent ThandiakkalSenior ResidentMBBS, MS16 November 2018
11Dr. Amalu JoySenior ResidentMBBS, MS05 January 2022
12Dr. Godwin Joy Senior ResidentMBBS, MS01 August 2023
13Dr. Joe JacobSenior ResidentMBBS, MS16 September 2023
  • The department of orthopedics caters to about 200 out patients daily and has an indoor strength of 130 not including beds in emergency and private wards.
  • Three well equipped operation theaters for orthopedic surgeries.
  • Equipped with all modern gadgets like

  • Image intensifier
  • Anterior and posterior spinal instruments sets.
  • Most modern instruments for management of skeletal trauma such as
    • AO instrumentation
    • Interlocking nail systems
    • Pneumatic and electric drill system
    • Arthroscopy instrumentation for arthroscopy of all major joints.
    • Joint replacement instrumentation.
    Post graduate teaching program

    We aim to provide comprehensive knowledge and training of the subject to post graduates. Also provide an opportunity to the trainees to develop skills and promote the strong desire to reach for excellence in the subject by conducting routine post graduate classes.

    Advanced services offered
    • Joint replacement surgeries
    • Knee joint arthroscopies
    • Spinal surgeries
    • Pediatric surgery
    Departmental extensional activities in areas of research
  • Mechanical research of pull out strength and breakage of implants.
  • Minimally invasive surgery.
  • Newer implants including biodegradable implants for fracture fixation.
  • Role of antibiotic coated implants in infective non unions of long bones.
  • Future plans of the department
  • Development of musculoskeletal tumor unit.
  • Setting up facilities for damage control orthopedics and dedicated orthopedic ICU.
  • Conducting post graduate training courses.
  • Conducting workshops and trauma courses.
  • Publication in national, international peer reviewed journals.
  • Organizing community camps.

This department was previously headed by Prof. Dr. K.C.Vishwanathan and Prof. Dr. Ramachandran.

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