Health is a state of complete physical ,mental and social well-being and not merely an absence of disease or infirmity. Community medicine is prevention of disease and promotion of health by peoples participation.

Sl.NoNameDesignationQualificationDate of Joining
1Dr. Joe ThomasProfessorMBBS, MD01 January 2016
2Dr. Lucy RaphaelProfessorMBBS, MD01 June 2017
3Dr. Priyanka RProfessorMBBS, MD01 July 2015
4Dr. Ponnu JoseAssociate ProfessorMBBS, MD01 December 2015
5Dr. Teny AttokkaranAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MD07 April 2021
6Dr. Radhika KannanAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MD, DNB15 February 2022
7Dr. Soorya SSenior ResidentMBBS, MD22 February 2022
8Dr. Aiswarya K VenugopalSenior ResidentMBBS, MD24 March 2022
9Dr. Thomson C Davis Senior ResidentMBBS, DNB02 August 2023
10Dr. Sumna V M Senior ResidentMBBS, MD26 September 2023

    The Laboratory hall of Department of Community Medicine JMMC & RI is well equipped with the following facilities:-

  • Wide range of slides on Entomology, Parasitology, & Bacteriology.
  • Instruments to conduct Public Health related experiments.
  • Adequate number of fully functional simple and compound microscopes.
  • Lab has capacity to accommodate 50 students
  • Wide collection of Specimens on:-
    Nutrition, Immunisation, Family Planning, Meteorology and Environment including model of water purification plant.
  • Wide collection of Informative Charts on matters of Public Health importance including Statistics.
  • Community Medicine Department has a large collection of books on various aspects of Public Health Including W H O Publications.
  • There are two Demonstration halls with a capacity of 50 students each and provided with all facilities of a SMART Class.
  • Our Statistics wing is experienced in various statistical analyis including / concluding in Medical & Nursing research work using advanced software like SPSS, and EPIINFO etc.
  • Following 5 Health Centres are utilised for the purpose of Interns Training as a part of CRRI Program.
  • Name & Location Population Distance from JMMC
    Nadathara Urban Health Centre, Nadathara. 40,460 3KM
    Mulayam Rural Field Training Centre, Mulayam. 97,560 7KM
    St. Antony's Mission Hospital , Pazhuvil 30,121 29KM
    Paduva Hospital, Puthanpeedika 15,870 30KM
    Mary Immaculate Mission Hospital, Engandiyur 23101 30KM

    In addition to the routine academic teaching and training of undergraduate students, our department is undertaking the following activities:-

  • Interns Training: including Presentation of Journals, Clinico Social Cases, Seminars and Research projects
  • Community Field Health Survey for undergraduate students and their analysis and presentation.
  • We are actively involved in medical camps conducted at various places along with other clinical departments.
  • Department of Communitiy Medicine is taking a leading role in organising and conducting following special programms like:-
    • Immunisation Camps
    • Health Education Camps
    • School Health Programmes
    • Various Public Health Awareness Camps
    • Blood Donation Camps
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