Emergency Medicine (EM) has been a board recognised medical speciality in the United states since 1979.

The need to have trained doctors in the Emergency Services was long recognized in India but it was in the year 2009 that the Medical Council of India (MCI) recognized EM as a separate specialty.

As of 2014, academic department of EM has been established in 28 medical colleges as permitted by the Medical Council of India

Emergency Medicine is a unique speciality that trains the physician to acquire the basic surgical and medical skills to recognise and manage the urgent, emergent and acute aspects of disease affecting patients across all age groups, gender, physiological and psychological states.

The Department of Emergency Medicine, Jubilee Mission Medical College and Research Institute, currently offers training to two postgraduates in Emergency Medicine (MD Emergency Medicine) every academic year as per Kerala University of Health Sciences (KUHS) and Medical Council Of India (MCI) norms and regulations.

This 40 bedded department caters to 48,000 people on an annual basis, with an average intake of 130 patients a day.

Faculty in the Department of Emergency Medicine
Sl.NoNameDesignationQualificationDate of Joining
1Dr. Babu Urumese PalattyProfessorMBBS, MD01 June 2012
2Dr. Rajeev P CProfessorMBBS, MD04 July 2011
3Dr. Siju V AbrahamAssociate ProfessorMBBS, MD10 July 2015
4Dr. Appu SuseelAssociate ProfessorMBBS, MD01 August 2017
5Dr. Kassyap C KAssistant ProfessorMBBS, MD02 July 2018
6Dr. Aelias M KCasualty Medical OfficerMBBS11 November 1996
7Dr. Antony P VCasualty Medical OfficerMBBS09 September 2002
8Dr. Deo MathewSenior ResidentMBBS, MD01 September 2020
9Dr. Sreenivasan V RCasualty Medical OfficerMBBS05 October 2002
10Dr. Anoop James GeorgeSenior ResidentMBBS, DNB01 November 2017
11Dr. Neethu NSenior ResidentMBBS12 March 2019
12Dr. Arin Eliza SunnySenior ResidentMBBS, MD15 December 2020
13Dr. Vijay Chanchal A BSenior ResidentMBBS, MD18 August 2021
14Dr. Minnu ThomasSenior ResidentMBBS, DNB04 May 2022
15Dr. Sreekala RadhakrishnanSenior ResidentMBBS, MD08 December 2022
16Dr. Honey Ann BennySenior ResidentMBBS, DNB27 February 2023
17Dr. Jyothi AntonySenior ResidentMBBS, DNB02 January 2024
18Dr. Aravind SreekumarSenior ResidentMBBS, MD02 February 2024
19Dr. Akhil V GeorgeSenior ResidentMBBS, MD03 February 2024
  • Care of multiply injured victim is challenging in pre-hospital, emergency department and intensive care settings. Ultrasound acts as a visual stethoscope providing the examiner with anatomical and physiological information that aid in patient care

    AIIMS Ultrasound Trauma Life Support Course (AUTLS) course takes place in conjunction with AIIMS where candidates are given hands on training in point of care emergency ultrasound.

    The faculty comprises of eminent instructors from All India Institute of Medical Sciences and Jubilee Mission Medical College.

    Jubilee Mission Medical College equipped with a dedicated ultrasound training lab acts as the satellite hub of AIIMS, New Delhi in association with International Council for Critical Emergency Sonography (ICCES) for the training of post graduate students, residents, consultants, practitioners of Surgery, Medicine, Anaesthesia, Orthopaedics, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care in point of care sonology.

  • BASIC is a two day course that comprises of lectures and small group skills stations. It is a concept originally developed by the Chinese University of Hong Kong , and since has been endorsed byESICM and ISCCM. It is an introduction course, intended for those interested in Intensive Care Medicine. The course has been developed to include a written course book, and utilizes a standardized course method with short tutorials and skill stations

  • Every two months department conducts the American Heart Association accredited Basic Life Support and Advanced Cardiac Life Support courses.

    The target population includes the MBBS students, postgraduates, nursing staff, residents and practitioners. The programme is conducted by American Heart Association. certified instructors over a period of three days. There will be theory and practical examinations and successful candidates will be awarded a pass certificate by the American Heart Association.

  • This training is aimed at improving the basic emergency and trauma care knowledge and skills of the healthcare workers as well as non-health care providers.

    The course module focuses on basic emergency care of the common emergencies encountered such as cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, acute coronary syndrome, stroke, drowning, electric current injury, foreign body obstruction, trauma and poisoning. It is one of the outreach programmes conducted by the department in collaboration with AIIMS, New Delhi that caters to the lay public and equip them with skills required for basic emergency care.

  • This programme is aimed at teaching first responder groups like the police personnel, fire and rescue personnel, ambulance drivers, scouts and guides, red cross volunteers to respond to acute care situation like trauma.

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