Central Library

It was started in 2003 under the guidance of Mr. C. J. Kuriappan, a retired Senior Librarian from the Govt. Medical College. Then Mrs. Deepa Anand and Rev. Fr. Jaison Punnassery served as Librarians. At present Mrs. Nirmala George is holding the post of Librarian under the control of Rev. Fr. Sunil Chiriankandath, Asst. Director of the college.

Stack of Books

It has all the latest and updated Medical Books essential for UG and PG students. Dewey Decimal Classification System is used to classify the books.

Loan of Books

Books are issued for loan for 10 days, except Reference Books. Issue is restricted to Doctors, PG students and teaching staff, after becoming member of Library. There is a seperate membership form . Librarian can recall any issued book before the expiry of due date, subject to the demand from others.

Journals Section

Journal Section contains National and International Journals including e-journals. Through web portal IP address based e-journals can be accessed only from the campus for full text view. Issuance of Journals are restricted. Volumes completed are bound and given for reading.

Internet Section

It is functioning in an A/c room. Doctors and students are permited to download subjects and write on CD's for study purpose.

Photocopy Section

There is a separate section for the purpose where all the documents including books and journals are allowed to take photocopies.

Reading Rooms

There are two types of reading rooms. In the reading room, where library books are kept, staff and students are not allowed to bring their books, they can read only library books. In the other reading rooms they can bring their books for reading.

Working Time

It is from 9 AM to 9 PM except holidays. In Second Saturdays it is from 9 Am to 5 P. There are separate reading rooms for PG students UG students and Staff, working from 7.30 AM to 11 PM on all days except any special occasions.

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